With a strong focus on mobile and conversion rate optimization, we redesigned


More than just a beanbag, Fatboy has strongly grown into new product categories with iconic products like the Lamzac, Headdemock and Miasun. With its 20th anniversary coming up, the brand wanted to revamp their online shop to better reflect who they are and what they do. We worked with Fatboy to revisit their online shopping experience.


With a thorough scan of the online shopping experience and used technology we tapped into the good and bad. And Presented an agile approach with stakeholder workshops, solutions for improvements and a clear roadmap.


Fatboy’s brand purpose states: Dare to be authentic, dare to be courageous, dare to be creative. Fatboy. Design with a smile. We took this as our starting point for the redesign. The digital rebranding was built around the minimum UI, maximum content principle: serving visitors with a smile and the right message at the time.