The Ommetje App

Habituate yourself to take a daily walk (called an Ommetje). Challenge family, friends or colleagues and win experience points and awards.


De Hersenstichting is committed to ensuring a healthy brain for everyone. They do not focus on just one condition, but invest widely in pioneering solutions that help prevent, slow down or cure brain disorders. Now and in the future.

The foundation wanted to create a positive movement during COVID-19 without losing focus on their goals for 2024 and 2030.


Together with Better Together Agency and SimSalaBim we partnered with professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder to learn how the brain works, understand It’s processes and ways to get it or keep it in shape. Coupled with our own immersion we learned that walking was a fun and easy activity to do this and how to stimulate people to train the habit of taking a daily walk (called an Ommetje).


De Hersenstichting needed a solution that would adapt to the language of their audience. Understand the connection between them, set the tone and generate buzz before, during and after. Our strategy of the Ommetje app brought this to life with impact and vibrancy.
Start a walking challenge with your family, friends or the rest of the Netherlands and stay motivated by gamification.


Within a week after the official launch we entered the top 10 in the Dutch Apple App Store and Google Play Store and realised a homerun with being the number one health app! The Ommetje app currently has an active user-base of 100.000 people and got broadly covered in the Dutch Media.

JAN magazine
NPO Radio 1