Digital portfolio for elementary schools

An extensive online platform where elementary school teachers can work together plus work on their personal development. Combine this with setting out assignments to their students (kids), who can co-create their (home)work on the same platform, and you have a full-service online teaching platform.


The challenge was to create a platform consisting of many user roles, functionality and dependencies. Keeping in mind a large amount of data, privacy, and an interface that works for both teachers and students.


Mevolution is a platform that needs to be adaptive to their client's (the school system) needs. Therefor not all functionality was clear beforehand. By working with a fixed monthly budget, two-weekly sprints and close contact between the client and the development team, we've worked together to get the platform where it is today.

App for Media

To speed up the process of getting content onto the platform and out to the students, we have also created an App for compressing large video's and sending the data to the server.