Welcome to Wink

Our friendship with WINK accelerates a passionate focus. Mixing digital with physical awesomeness. We've launched their new online presence in 2020.


In an increasingly virtual society people develop a growing need for live-events, and WINK is at the forefront. The experiential marketing agency has long been a leader in designing live experiences that produce real memories. Now entering its 26th year, WINK is redefining the role of the agency. WINK came to CanvasHeroes looking to level-up their digital properties as their global footprint expands.


We worked with WINK to match the agency’s grand vision for the future — global growth and people with brands, by making the ‘now’ tangible, memorable and shareable — with a dynamic online experience. Part experiential platform, part editorial hub, part sales-and-marketing tool, part launchpad for future projects, our work sets WINK up to blossom in a new era.